Transitional Project

Our goal.

To provide 24/7 emergency shelter for any of these individuals and others, along with transitional housing that could serve up to 30 individuals or family units at one time. With the appropriate implementation of the Assessment Center facility, case management, and supportive programs, we expect to see the general homeless population in our area decrease as this program will be structured to assist individuals with mental health counseling, substance use counseling, financial literacy, securing and maintaining employment, family reunification, and obtaining sustainable permanent housing.

If you would like to donate to this project, or have any expertise in building, please call Lisa at 239-825-0003 or make a financial contribution by clicking here.

Transitional Housing

We are dreaming of greater things. 

It is easy to fall through the cracks, and with accommodation being as pricey as it is, most of our residents cannot to rent. But we are dreaming of greater things. Moving on from our program we hope to offer some of them a chance to have a little tiny house. As things develop, we'll tell you more on this page. Hopefully you can make that journey with us.