Vann Ellison 

Executive Director

Vann has provided executive leadership, chaplaincy, and hospital administration. He carries multiple certifications through the Indiana University School of Fund-Raising and has completed Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School. Since Vann’s youth, he has been involved with street and youth ministry, working in psychiatric hospitals and addiction recovery programs. He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, as well as many regional papers.  He is considered an expert in the fields of homelessness and social enterprise.  He has participated in many overseas mission outreaches. Vann has a love for the outdoors and hunting. 

Lisa Ellison

Director of Development 

Lisa comes with experience in Trust Administration Banking and administrative management. She has worked in street, youth, and music ministry since Bible College. She holds a bachelor’s degree from North Central University and multiple certifications from Indiana University School of Fund Raising. Lisa developed a fund-raising plan at St. Matthew’s house that helped them grow in capacity to reach and provide more programs for those in need.  In addition to her love for health, nutrition, and swimming, Lisa has gained a certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.  

Together, Vann and Lisa have worked to serve the homeless, marginalized and addicted of their community beyond their years in marriage.  They served together at St. Matthew’s House in Naples, Florida for 17 years, growing a ministry from $1.5 million and 10% self-funded to over $30 million and 60-70% self-funded. Through their visionary leadership, they were able to expand program offerings from a simple homeless shelter to addiction recovery, transitional housing, job training programs, and chaplaincy programs in local jails.  They worked together for a season serving a mission organization out of Uganda and South Sudan Africa.