Where are we today?

Branches of Hope opened its doors to the homeless in our community in November 2023.
Today it is open 365 nights of the year giving shelter to many vulnerable individuals a place to stay.


Purchased 124 Gordon Commercial Drive and named the building Branches of Hope.


Became an Incorporated Nonprofit and a 501(c)3.

Applied for the American Rescue Plan Grant.


Mike Wilson began the process of establishing an assessment center.  

Launched Coordinated Entry in February.


The coalition began providing hotel rooms to those seeking emergency shelter.  The LPD screened applicants and provided transportation to the hotel/motels. 


Mike Wilson agreed to serve as the Chairman of the coalition. 

Troup County was named a Coordinated Entry Site by the Department of Community Affairs.


The coalition partnered with Action Ministries to bring a grant to Troup County housing 23 chronically homeless individuals/families.  Action Ministries has contributed more than $800,000 in rent and utilities to the homeless since 2017. 

LTCHC began meeting with Lean Team at WellStar.  This eventually led us to the Coordinated Entry process. 


The warming center moved to New Ventures.  

The coalition raised money for a homeless coordinator.


The warming center began operating in the old fire station on Main Street.

The coalition started printing and distributing the "Street Beat" (a guide to resources in the community).


The homeless coalition was formed by Chief Dekmar.  Founding members were:  Chief Dekmar, Kay Elam, Mike Pheil, and Wanda Walker.